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Woodtech marine plywood is manufactured from best quality hard woods having high stiffness and strength. Therefore it processes highly strong rigid and boiling water proof. Marine ply is bonded with high quality phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin and it is given permanent preservative treatment. Such assembly is subsequently hot-pressed for ultimate consolidation eventually leading to higher shear strength and unparalleled bonding.


10-12 times (Approx)

Avg. Weight

12mm = 24kg /pc (Approx)
19mm = 42kg /pc (Approx)

Standard Size

8 x 4 (feet)

Standadrd Thickness

6mm, 12mm, 19mm, 25mm

Technical Specification

1. Adhesive - BWP type Phenol-Formaldehyde Resine.
2. Avg. Failing Load - 1250 - 1395 N
3. Loading & Deflection (span = 400mm)

Prependicular to the face grain

12mm = 850kg/ Sq.M
19mm = 1345kg/ Sq.M

Parallel to the face grain-
12mm = 540kg/ Sq.M
19mm = 855kg/ Sq.M


Avg. = 30N / Sq.M
Min = 27N / Sq.M


Avg. = 4000N / Sq.M
Min = 3600N / Sq.M